TMT (Stress Test System)

Sumipa is the leading supplier of high quality Treadmill Test Systems in India. The Sumipa VEGA series of TMT (Treadmill Test Systems) machines sets a new benchmark in preventive healthcare, redefining the standards of accuracy for Stress Test Systems. Using a superior bit ADC, the Sumipa VEGA gives true ECG complexes, wander free ECG wave forms and accurate measurements. The in house manufactured Treadmill supports an aesthetic yet robust engineering design. As with all our products the VEGA too is PC compatible with a user friendly graphical interface to assist today’s busy healthcare professionals. Sumipa supplies the high quality and cost effective TMT machines. Post query to know TMT machine price and specifications.

Cost : 2,25,000/-

Cost : 2,60,00/-

Cost : 2,50,000/-



Treadmill Test (TMT) System