Solar Off Grid Inverter

PHASE1 Phase and 3 Phase
DISPLAY32 bit DSP based design
MODEMulti mode design SBG/SGB/Export/Batteryless
POWERFactor IGBT rectifier with PF >0.9
DESIGNCustomized MPPT design
INTERACTIVEfront LCD, all settings via display
CONTROLMODBUS control so that user can set parameter
DRAWINGSReady documents for- SLD, GA, BOM & Reference
MONITORINGRemote monitoring using GSM/RS-485

Vector Modulated Inverter Control
Multiple DSP control operation
Battery Less operation compatible
Paralleling Compatibility
MPPT Based Solar Charger – 2 modes of operations
Higher Capacity PV connection option available
SBG Modes with Buffer level selection facility 25/50/75
The unity power factor for grid charging
Vthd <3%
Changeover time less than 20ms
20 X 4 LCD with backlight & Tactile Kay Pad Interface
Detailed Metering: Solar KW, Solar KWH
Fault logs: 6 recent faults
Auto fault reset for non-critical faults
Optional Input: Pyranometer, Wind speed, Battery
Generator compatible
Communication Port: RS232
GSM Based Remote Monitoring option


Grid Frequency Sync Range50Hz ± 6%
Charger Peak EfficiencyHigher than 90%
Max Grid Import Power CapacityDouble of Inveter capacity dependent on battery charging current
Self ConsumptionLower than 4%
Recommended DG/GRID CapacityDouble of Inverter Capacity
Charge Controller TypeMPPT
Charger TopologyBUCK
No of MPPT Channels1
Max Battery Amps during PV chargingFull Capacity in Boost Mode / Current Control in Float Mode as per Battery AH
Battery type SupportedLMLA, VRLA, SMF, Ni-Cd: Charging Profile can be configured as per the battery requirement
Peak Charging EfficiencyHigher than 94% Upto 98%
No of Phases/Connection Type1Ph , 3 Wire- LNE and 3Ph, 4 Wire-RYBN
Output Frequency50Hz ± 0.5%
Voltage Regulation(Stand Alone)±2%
Frequency Regulation(Stand Alone)±0.5Hz
THDTHD less than 4%
OUTPUT WaveformPure Sine Wave
Galvanic IsolationIn built Isolation Transformer at Inverter Output
Output Power Factor0.8lagging
Peak Efficiency (Full Load)Higher than 75%
Overload capacity125% FOR 60 SEC, 150% FOR 5 SEC / Can be customized
DG CompatibilityAvailable
Auto Bypass featureAvailable
Grid Export ModeAvailable, Enable/Disable Options available
Anti Islanding FunctionAvailable, In Compliance with IEC 62116
Compatible IEC standardsIEC -61683:1999- As per MNRE Requirement
LEDGrid On, PV On, Grid Charger On, Load On Grid, Load On Battery , Fault
LCD Display ParametersINPUT GRP | Voltage | Current | Frequency
Modes Available5: SBG, SGB, GSB, GFM, INV
Battery Buffer SettingSelectable from 25%,50%,75%
MPPT Modes2