Hybridization Incubator (PLT-138)

APPLICATIONS OF HYBRIDIZATION INCUBATORHybridization oven/incubator is ideal for sterile laboratory testing and where the integrity of the sample must be preserved while heating it to the exact temperature for the right period of time. These simple and versatile instruments are found in applications including nucleic acid hybridization such as Northern (RNA) blots/hybridization, Southern (DNA) blots/hybridization, Western (Protein) blots, and molecular biology assays.

Used in life science laboratories to perform membrane hybridization with a hybridization incubator. Hybridization incubators, also known as hybridization ovens, provide defined temperature control, agitation, and consistency throughout the incubator chamber.SALIENT FEATURES & CONSTRUCTION OF HYBRIDIZATION INCUBATORTemperature range from ambient (+5°C) to 90°C ± 0.5°C controlled by P.I.D. controller. Chamber made of S.S. 304 is provided with air circulation fan. Rotator is inbuilt and is provided with racks to hold six bottles (60 mm Dia × 200 mm Depth) at a variable speed of 2 to 16 rmp.

The hybridization oven operates with microprocessor controls to monitor temperature and rotation speed of bottles for dynamic mixing capability. This is ideal for creating the optimum conditions needed for cDNA library screenings, primer synthesis and all nucleic acid hybridization. The UV crosslinker provides an extremely uniform shortwave radiation exposure chamber for bonding nucleic acid to medium, typically done prior to hybridization. UV output is measured by an internal sensor and controlled by an on-board microprocessor, enabling accurate, reliable and safe laboratory crosslinking. Preset or user-selected UV energy or UV time exposure are selected via touch pad. What’s include: bottle carousel, one large bottle 35 x 300mm.


Inner Chamber in MM (W x H x D)300x300x300355x355x355455x455x455455x605x455455 x 605 x 605605x605x605605x910x455605x910x605
Inches Conversion12 x 12 x 1214 x 14 x 1418 x 18 x 1818 x 24x 1818 x 24 x 2424 x 24 x 2424 x 36 x 1824 x 36 x 24
Capacity28 ltrs43 ltrs90 ltrs105 ltrs120 ltr215 ltrs240 ltrs325 ltrs
Heating Load0.50 KW0.50 KW1.00 KW1.00 KW1.50 KW1. 50 KW1.50 KW2.00 KW
No. of Shelves22222233
Temperature Range5°C above ambient to 70°C
Temp. ControllerBy Microprocessor Based PID Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller.
Temp. Sensitivity+1°C.
Air CirculationBy forced convection system
RelaySolid state electronic relay with protective heat sink.
Auto Tuning SystemSystem is compatible with auto tuning system