The LT Cables we are providing, which are used with PVC insulation majorly are capable of bearing heavy voltages. We are manufacturing the wires which are fulfilling the international standards of dimensional and other characteristics specifications. These cables are also made by using the cross linked polyethylene which has the basic low density material.

We are supplying the cables which are leading on to the technological innovations and well versed uniqueness in its features. These wires are made with the high load bearing strength so that they do not gets short circuit or holds fire when it gets the extra load on them. The cables are covered with the thermoplastic material which includes the hydrocarbon molecules. These cables are made water resistant and heat resistant. These are also available with the features of fire retardant capability. These are available with us in the reasonable rages. These cables are durable and reliable in its function along with the sustenance capacity. These cables are offered in varied range of dimensions and thickness.

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LT Cables