Sumipa Techno Consultant Pvt Ltd. always believes in supplying best quality of the product. Submersible cables are highly applicable to cope up with power loss and extra expense of customers.

Those cables, where fine strands of each wires are specially triple twisted with the help of highly calibrated machine precisely and each wires are coated with special XLPE instead of PVC.

Triple twisting of strands helps in power saving, here current loss is minimal and strands passes power from one end to other easily.

Special XLPE coating helps in handling more and more heat ( i.e. above 150 °C) and thus chances of burst and fires are minimum.

So, with the UNI-R submersible cables one can save more and more electricity with extra protection.

Home Guard Properties

TestTesting MethodSpecified Value
Critical Oxygen IndexIS : 10810 Part 58Oxygen Index Minimum 29%
Temperature IndexIS : 10810 Part 64Min. Temp Index 250° at 21° Oxygen
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